Saleh El Wahsh

Mohamed Abdou Saleh El-Wahsh was an Egyptian footballer and football manager who played for Al Ahly SC in Egypt.

He coached Al-Ahly and also coached in other Arab countries

Early life

He was born in Sayeda Zaynab district in Cairo, Egypt on 9 May 1929. He became a professional footballer in Al-Ahly then he coached the team in 1959.
In 1963 he traveled to Kuwait to work as an Educational supervisor for 5 years. then, he returned to coach Al Ahly.

He was appointed as the director of the technical department at the CAF in 1982.
and was one of the 8 experts on the FIFA technical committee.
In 1988 he became the president of Al Ahly for 4 years until 1992.
and in the year 2000 he was elected as the Chairman of the Egyptian Football Association.
He coached Al Ahly in Benghazi-Libya between 1969-1972.


He died on 21 May 2008 aged 79.