Robert Thurston

Robert Thurston is a science fiction author well known for his works in popular shared world settings.


Thurston attended the Clarion Workshop at Clarion State College, Pennsylvania in 1968, instructed by several major sci-fi writers. He was awarded first prize for his short story "Set of Wheels," which was included, with two other short stories in the anthology Clarion, edited by the workshop's founder, Robin Scott Wilson, in 1971.
FASA signed an agreement with Roc Publishing in 1991 that kicked off with Robert Thurston's Legend of the Jade Phoenix series for Battletech.
Thurston is best known for his Clan Jade Falcon novels of the BattleTech universe and the novelizations of the original Battlestar Galactica television series.
He has worked at New Jersey City University's Opportunity Scholarship Program as Coordinator of Supplemental Instruction, since 1992.


;Battlestar Galactica series
;BattleTech series
;Isaac Asimov's Robot City – Robots and Aliens series
TitleYearFirst publishedReprinted/collectedNotes
Slipshod, at the edge of the universe2001