Radio and Television of Bosnia and Herzegovina

BHRT formerly known as PBSBiH, is an umbrella broadcasting organization and the only member of the European Broadcasting Union from Bosnia and Herzegovina.
It was known as RTVBiH from 1992 until 1998, when it was restructured into the current service. On 1 January 1993, RTVBiH was admitted as an active member of the European Broadcasting Union. The membership was transferred to the new parental broadcasting organisation PBSBiH in 2000.
RTVBiH grew out of RTV Sarajevo in 1992, one of eight principal broadcasting centers of former Yugoslavia, others being RTV Ljubljana, RTV Zagreb, RTV Belgrade, RTV Novi Sad, RTV Titograd, RTV Pristina, and RTV Skopje.
BHRT currently consists of three organizational units:
There is a public corporation in the establishment which should be consisted of all public broadcasters in Bosnia and Herzegovina:
In June 2016, BHRT announced it will be suspending broadcasting at the end of June, as a consequance of insufficient funding. The European Broadcasting Union expressed strong concern as this would have been the first time a public service broadcaster in Europe would have to interrupt its broadcasting because of financial difficulties.