Poul-Erik Høyer Larsen

Poul-Erik Høyer Larsen is the current President of the Badminton World Federation and a retired Danish badminton player who won major international singles titles in the 1990s, and ranks among Denmark's badminton greats.

Badminton career

Høyer Larsen competed in three Summer Olympics. In Barcelona 1992 he was defeated in quarterfinals by Ardy Wiranata. In Atlanta 1996 he won the gold medal in the men's singles after beating Dong Jiong in the final. In 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney he lost in the opening round.
He also won two All-England Open Badminton Championships in 1995 and 1996, and the European Badminton Championships in 1992, 1994 and 1996.
Høyer became President of Badminton Europe in 2010. In February 2007 he was nominated Vice-President of the Danmarks Badminton Forbund. On 18 May 2013 Høyer was elected President of the Badminton World Federation.


Olympic Games

Men's singles
1996Georgia State University Gymnasium, Atlanta, United States Dong Jiong15–12, 15–10 Gold

World Championships

Men's singles
1995Malley Sports Centre, Lausanne, Switzerland Hariyanto Arbi10–15, 7–15 Bronze
1997Scotstoun Centre, Glasgow, Scotland Sun Jun7–15, 17–14, 9–15 Bronze
1999Brøndby Arena, Copenhagen, Denmark Sun Jun4–15, 6–15 Bronze

World Cup

Men's singles
1989Guangzhou Gymnasium, Guangzhou, China Foo Kok Keong7–15, 17–18 Bronze

European Championships

Men's singles
1990Moscow, Soviet Union Steve Baddeley10–15, 15–0, 11–15 Bronze
1992Glasgow, Scotland Thomas Stuer-Lauridsen15–10, 15–10 Gold
1994Den Bosch, Netherlands Tomas Johansson15–9, 15–5 Gold
1996Herning, Denmark Peter Rasmussen15–5, 15–11 Gold
1998Sofia, Bulgaria Kenneth Jonassen6–15, 6–15 Bronze
2000Kelvin Hall International Sports Arena, Glasgow, Scotland Peter Gade5–15, 11–15 Silver

IBF World Grand Prix

The World Badminton Grand Prix sanctioned by International Badminton Federation from 1983 to 2006.
Men's singles
1986Carlton Inter-sport Cup Sze Yu2–15, 17–14, 15–11 Winner
1986Scottish Open Steve Baddeley4–15, 11–15 Runner-up
1987Dutch Open Darren Hall15–4, 15–1 Winner
1988Denmark Open Zhang Qingwu15–9, 18–16 Winner
1989Poona Open Michael Kjeldsen15–10, 15–8 Winner
1989French Open Xiong Guobao7–15, 3–15 Runner-up
1990Japan Open Morten Frost9–15, 4–15 Runner-up
1990Swedish Open Liu Jun8–15, 11–15 Runner-up
1990Dutch Open Hermawan Susanto10–15, 6–15 Runner-up
1990Denmark Open Morten Frost4–15, 15–10, 17–15 Winner
1991Dutch Open Hermawan Susanto18–17, 6–15, 15–10 Winner
1991German Open Hermawan Susanto15–8, 15–8 Winner
1991Denmark Open Hermawan Susanto15–8, 12–15, 8–15 Runner-up
1992Denmark Open Darren Hall11–15, 13–18 Runner-up
1993Dutch Open Alan Budi Kusuma11–15, 15–5, 15–11 Winner
1993Denmark Open Jens Olsson15–11, 15–2 Winner
1994Swiss Open Thomas Stuer-Lauridsen Runner-up
1994Dutch Open Peter Rasmussen15–7, 15–7 Winner
1994German Open Jens Olsson15–3, 15–9 Winner
1994Denmark Open Alan Budi Kusuma17–18, 15–4, 15–10 Winner
1995All England Open Hariyanto Arbi17–16, 15–6 Winner
1995Denmark Open Hendrawan17–18, 17–14, 17–15 Winner
1995German Open Joko Suprianto14–17, 11–15 Runner-up
1995China Open Dong Jiong8–15, 9–15 Runner-up
1996Swiss Open Thomas Johansson15–9, 16–17, 15–10 Winner
1996All England Open Rashid Sidek15–7, 15–6 Winner
1996U.S. Open Joko Suprianto13–15, 13–15 Runner-up
1996Dutch Open Sun Jun1–15, 1–15 Runner-up
1997Chinese Taipei Open Peter Gade10–15, 15–18 Runner-up
1997Swiss Open Dong Jiong15–17, 11–15 Runner-up
1997Russian Open Kenneth Jonassen15–2, 15–2 Winner
1997U.S. Open Peter Gade15–6, 7–15, 15–2 Winner
1997German Open Peter Gade15–12, 12–15, 12–15 Runner-up
1999Denmark Open Wong Choong Hann17–15, 15–4 Winner