Police Services Act (Ontario)

The Police Services Act is the law governing the conduct of police officers in the province of Ontario, Canada. In addition to regulating the conduct of police officers, the law also established the Special Investigations Unit, a civilian oversight agency which conducts independent investigations where police actions have resulted in the death or injury of a civilian.
Enforcing the legislation is within the responsibility of the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services. The Act is usually invoked in investigation or charges against police officers for disreputable conduct in accordance with s. 2 Police Services Act, Ontario Regulation 268/10.


The Act became law in 1990 to provide a legal means to define the role for all police forces in Ontario and to create the Special Investigations Unit. It replaced the earlier Police Act of Ontario, which was introduced in 1946, to define the role of all police forces in Ontario. Before the Police Act there were two statutes governing the role of police in the province: