Naft Al-Junoob SC

Naft al-Junoob, is an Iraqi football club based in Al-Tamimia District, Basra, that plays in Iraqi Premier League.


The club was founded on 27 November 1979 as Naft Al-Junoob, before changing to the name Al-Rumaila on 6 March 1990, and returned to the name Naft Al-Junoob on 20 April 2003, the club played in Iraqi Premier League at the 2004–05 season for the first time.


Naft Al-Junoob contest the Basra Derby with Al-Minaa. Since 2005, there have been 27 competitive Basra Derbies. Al-Minaa hold the precedence in these matches, with 9 victories to Naft AlJunoob's 7; there have been 11 draws. The most decisive result in an Al-Minaa–Naft Al-Junoob game is Al-Minaa's 4–1 victory at Al Mina'a Stadium, their home ground, on March 11, 2005. There have been two incidences of 3–1, Al-Minaa have been won in both matches; home in December 2005, and away in January 2006. The competition saw 49 goals scored, 27 for Al-Minaa and 22 for Naft Al-Junoob; the individual player who scored the most goals was Al-Minaa player Ihsan Hadi and Naft Al-Junoob player Basim Ali, each scored four goals. And there are five players who scored for both teams, they are Alaa Aasi, Nasser Tallaa, Ahmed Hassan, Sajjad Abdul Kadhim and Hussam Malek.

Current squad

First-team squad

Current technical staff

Managerial history

All-time top goalscorers

1Basim Ali2008–201954
2Ali Jawad Ismail2009–201234
3Wesam Malik2008–201922
4Amer Sahib2010–201516
5Hussam Malek2010–201615
6Faisal Kadhim2013–201913
6Nasser Tallaa2007–201013
6Nawaf Falah2008–201513
9Murtaja Adel Nasser2017–201910
10Ahmed Hassan Shanshool2008–20119
10Ali Aoda2013–20169



The Naft Al-Janoob handball team won the Iraqi Handball League title at 2013–14 and 2014–15 seasons. The team also participated in Asian Club League Handball Championship and Arab Handball Championship of Champions as a representative of Iraq.