Mongolia national football team

The Mongolia national football team represents Mongolia in international football and is controlled by the Mongolian Football Federation.
Founded in 1959, the association was inactive between 1960 and 1998 when the team did not feature in any international fixtures. The Mongolian Football Federation is a member of the Asian Football Confederation and the East Asian Football Federation.


EAFF Suspension

According to the voting outcome at AFC Congress held in January 2011, the Mongolian Football Federation was suspended to conduct any activities at the EAFF until EAFF Ordinary Congress of March 2014. They were welcomed back to the federation at The 7th Ordinary Congress and 41st & 42nd Executive Committee Meeting.

Competition records

FIFA World Cup

Asian Cup

Asian Games

AFC Challenge Cup

East Asian Cup

AFC Solidarity Cup

Fixtures and results



Current squad

Squad called up for 2022 FIFA World Cup qualification matches against Japan and Kyrgyzstan on 10 October and 15 October

Record goal scorers

As of 11 June 2019
Players in bold are still active at international level. Players with an equal number of goals are ranked in order of average.
1Buman-Uchral Bold9
2Naranbold Nyam-Osor820
2Lümbengarav Donorov835
2Tsedenbal Norjmoo830
5Tögöldör Mönkh-Erdene718
6Tögsbayar Ganbaatar626
7Bayarjargal Oyuunbat49
7Gankhuyag Ser-Od-Yanjiv416
7Bayarzorig Davaa419
10Baljinnyam Batbold313


NameNatPeriodMatchesWinsDrawsLossesWin %
Pavel Sevastyanov1958–196030030%
National football team does not existNational football team does not existNational football team does not existNational football team does not existNational football team does not exist
Lkhamsürengiin Dorjsüren1993, 199820020%
Luvsandorjiin SandagdorjFebruary 1999January 200000000%
Ishdorjiin OtgonbayarJanuary 2000 – January 201131742117%
Sandagdorjiin ErdenebatJanuary 2011 – July 2014420250%
Vojislav BralušićJuly 2014 – January 2015310233.3%
Sanjmyataviin PurevsukhJanuary 2015 – 2016511320%
Zorigtyn BattulgaMay 2016311133%
Toshiaki ImaiOctober 2016 – January 2017310233.3%
Michael WeißMarch 2017 – 24 January 202012531126.3%
Vojislav Bralušić 27 January 2020–00000.0%