Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food (Ukraine)

The Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food was the central executive authority of Ukraine in charge of country's agro-development. It was one of the oldest government agencies of Ukraine. The Honcharuk Government abounded the Ministerial post. The Ministry function were taken over by the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade.
Ministry activity is coordinated by the Cabinet of Ukraine. Ministry is the main authority in the system of central government responsible for national agricultural policy supervising and implementation including policy on agriculture and food security, public policy in the fields of fishery and fishery protection, use and reproduction of aquatic resources, regulation of fishery and maritime security, veterinary medicine, species protection, land related questions, mapping and surveying, forestry and hunting, surveillance in agriculture.


The precursor of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine was the General Secretariat of Land Affairs, established on June 15, 1917 under the Government of the Central Council of Ukraine.

List of names of the precursor of the Ministry

in 1985 the Ministry was transformed into the State Committee on Agrarian and Industrial Economy of Ukraine. The head of the committee was Yuriy Kolomiets who at the same time was the first deputy chairman of the council of ministers of the Ukrainian SSR. Oleksandr Tkachenko and Viktor Sytnyk were the first deputies of Kolomiets.
The State Committee included number of other ministries and its regional branches.
The on 29 August 2019 appointed Honcharuk Government did not have a separate Ministry of Agriculture. The Ministry function were taken over by the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade.
In January 2020 President Volodymyr Zelensky stated the need to separate the Ministry of Economic Development, Trade and Agriculture. Early March 2020 the Minister of Economic Development, Trade and Agriculture, Tymofiy Mylovanov refused to head a newly reestablish Ministry of Agriculture.
On 9 July 2020 Zelensky predicted that "at maximum in September" Ukraine would have a separate Minister of Agriculture again.


Subordinate authorities

As an advisory structure, under the Ministry acts a Public Council. Its activities are governed by the Regulations of the Public Council. Chairman of the Public Council is Leonid Kozachenko, president of the All-Ukrainian public organization "Ukrainian Agrarian Confederation".

List of Ministers

Ukrainian People's Republic

Land Cultivation


Western Ukrainian People's Republic

Ukrainian People's Republic of Soviets

In March–April 1918 with the help of Central Powers, Ukraine was liberated from Bolsheviks.

Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic

The following list relates to institutions of the previously created by Bolsheviks Ukrainian People's Republic of Soviets.

Transitional period

On 21 May 1991 Oleksandr Tkachenko was appointed as a State Minister on issues of Agrarian Policy and Food – Minister of Agrarian Business of Ukraine.