Materia Collective

Materia Collective is a Seattle-based record label and music publisher that specializes in video game music. They release video game soundtracks and remix albums inspired by games such as The Legend of Zelda, Pokémon Gold, and Diddy Kong Racing.
Launched in 2015, Materia works with video game composers and independent video game developers to produce soundtracks, license cover albums, and manage composers' and developers' copyrights. The label's community of artists began with the release of the five-disc MATERIA: Final Fantasy VII Remixed, a Final Fantasy VII tribute to Nobuo Uematsu's original soundtrack, featuring 87 tracks and over 200 emerging music producers. They have since released over 300 titles, including original video game soundtracks, game music covers and remixes, and community-based compilations.
In 2017, the label partnered with San Francisco-based music rights company Loudr to manage its licensing efforts, by processing license requests and usage information, securing mechanical licenses, and administering royalty payments.
In 2018, Materia released the album Children of Termina from the artist Rozen, a tribute to Legend of Zeldas "Majora's Mask". It received VGMO's Annual Game Music Award for Best Album - Fan Arranged. It also debuted on the Billboard Top 10 Classical chart.
Artists who have released music through Materia Collective include Toby Fox, whose 2015 role-playing video game Undertale has sold more than 1 million copies. He was featured in the 2018 Games Forbes 30 Under 30 list. The label has also released music from Malukah, including her album Reignite, a tribute to Mass Effect, in 2020. In 2017 Materia released Echoes of the First Dreamer: The Musical Prequel to Golem from Halo composer Martin O'Donnell. Other artists who have released albums on the label include composers Lena Raine, Cris Velasco, and Neal Acree.