Móði and Magni

In Norse mythology, Móði and Magni are the sons of Thor. Their names translate to "Wrath" and "Mighty," respectively. Rudolf Simek states that, along with Thor's daughter Þrúðr, they embody their father's features.
Móði and Magni's descent from Thor is attested by the kennings "Móði's father" and "Magni's father". Snorri Sturluson confirms it. According to Skáldskaparmál Magni is the son of Thor and the Jötunn Járnsaxa. There is no mention of Móði's mother.

''Poetic Edda''

The two brothers are mentioned among the survivors of Ragnarök in the Poetic Edda Vafþrúðnismál:

''Prose Edda''

Apart from his role after Ragnarök, there is nothing we know about Móði but, in the Prose Edda book Skáldskaparmál, Magni plays a role in the myth of Thor's battle with the giant Hrungnir:
John Lindow draws a parallel between Magni and Odin's son Váli for they both have a giantess mother and achieve a feat at a very young age.

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