Battle of Delhi (1803)

The Battle of Delhi took place on 11 September 1803 during the Second Anglo-Maratha War, between British troops under General Lake, and Marathas of Scindia's army under General Louis Bourquin and Wable Sardar.


"Bourquin had treacherously deserted his former friend General Perron and now commanded 18 battalions of the latter's troops"
The battle was fought at Patparganj, right across the Yamuna River from Humayun's Tomb, also giving the battle its local name.
The Marathas initially occupied a strong position with the Yamuna River in their rear. But, General Gerard Lake, feigning a retreat, drew them from their lines and then turning upon them drove them with the bayonet into the river, inflicting more losses upon them. Finally, the city of Delhi fell three days later. As a result, the control of the city of Delhi passed from the Marathas to the British.
A monument was later erected at the site in Patparganj, marked out by a surrounding ditch, commemorating Cornet Sanguine and British soldiers who fell during the battle.