Abdul Aziz Yamulki

Abdul Aziz Yamulki was the son Mustafa Pasha Yamulki and an Ottoman military officer. After the fall of the Ottoman Empire he became a member of the new Royal Iraqi military. Aziz was born in Sulaymaniah.
The Yamulki family was a prominent one in Sulaymaniah; Aziz was born into a privileged life, he moved to Constantinople and lived in his father's palace and attended the Ottoman military academy. He entered the Ottoman military but soon fled with his father when the Kemalists took power.
After the creation of the Iraqi state and given his family and his education he joined the Iraqi military.

Golden Square of Colonels

Aziz and seven other officers mainly of Kurdish ethnicity started to plot the downfall of the Iraqi government.
The "plan of assassination was an elaborate and carefully considered one". Aziz had drawn up four plans to carry out the assassination, the first, was to kill him at the Mosul Rest House,
the second, at his brother's house, the third, by an attack on Bakr's car on his way to Tel-Kutchuk and finally the master plan at the Military club where it was planned to entertain Bakr in the evening of the day of his arrival. Aziz Yamulki, then president of the club, was to give a secret signal and the assassination was to take place when the lights were to be put out.

Diplomatic corps

After his involvements in coup d'état Aziz was distanced by being sent to Afghanistan as Iraq Charge d'Affaires at Kabul.
Appointed Consul of Iraq at Karachi on 17 August 1943.